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Made Honest

Food that tastes like the real thing. Because it is.

We've said no to plast-ick!

We show we care with cardboard.

Our cardboard tray, or “Halo-pack”, uses 92% less plastic than a regular old plastic ready-meal tray—and prevents the use of 20 tonnes of plastic per year. We moved on from plastic trays as “recyclable” doesn’t always mean it gets recycled.

We're a carbon neutral company

We bury our carbon in the ground instead of our rubbish.

Since 2019 we’ve been working with local Victorians, Bimbadeen Phillip Island, to sequester our carbon back into the earth where it belongs. Basically, when deep-rooted crops and grasses grow through photosynthesis, they remove gigatons to megatons of CO2 from the atmosphere. That’s a win.

When it's raised better, it tastes better

All our animal proteins are free-range, grass-fed, or sustainably fished.

But, higher welfare meat isn’t just a better life for the animals, it also means the protein is more nutritious, better for the environment—with a lower carbon footprint and benefits for environmental biodiversity—and is often considered better tasting, with deeper more complex flavours.

We keep it local

We use local and fresh Australian ingredients in all our meals.

Using locally sourced produce means our fully traceable ingredients spend less time in transport with fewer food miles resulting in tastier and healthier meals that are better for the community and the environment.

Made by hand, made from scratch

Our chefs prepare our meals almost entirely from scratch.

Maybe we’re control freaks, but we believe it’s not right unless we do it ourselves. Not using premade sauces or precooked meats helps us pack in lots of flavour without any additional preservatives.

We bulk up to reduce our waste

Cooking in bulk greatly reduces the amount of packaging and food waste compared to cooking at home.

Sure, meal kits and home cooking can be great, but they tend to produce a lot of single use packaging and often result in food waste. Cooking single-serve-ready-to-eat meals in bulk means that the only packaging we need is what’s on your meal and there are no scraps to scrape into the bin.

We know we're not perfect

While we’re doing our best, there’s always room to be better.

Made Honest isn’t about being flawless—we’re certainly not claiming that. But, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to produce better meals with a smaller environmental impact. Whether that means lowering our carbon footprint, reducing our waste, or improving the taste, we’re not sitting on our hands or resting on our laurels.

The Dineamic Story

A sportsman with a passion for food and a dietitian with a passion for sports.


Dineamic was founded by former AFL premiership player, Jason Johnson, and accredited practising dietitian, Karen Inge, to create nutritious, balanced, ready meals for athletes.


Through their performance on the field or work with elite athletes, they shared a passion for nutrition and understood its importance in the sports world.


Dineamic expanded and opened a commercial kitchen and retail store, making our healthy meals available to the public for the first time.


We grew beyond the sporting world, bringing the same level of care given to an athlete’s nutrition to everyday Aussies too.


We started working with Australia’s disability community through the NDIS—a partnership we’re particularly proud of.


We moved from frozen to fresh meals in order to enhance flavour, nutrient content, and variety.


As our commitment to helping Australians be healthier and happier extends to our country and planet too, we switched to HaloPack eco packaging, saving over 20 tonnes of plastic each year.


We hope to continue to grow in the future, creating meals with the mission of making people healthier and happier.